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New !!Sale!
“Lumos” Harry Potter Light Up Wand

-change the light color by waving the wand.
-using the rotary switch to light up your desired color with just one click.
– get 6 vibrant light colors freely at your disposal.

New !!Sale!
Auroshoot Thumb Light

– switch 6 colors of light freely with just one thumb light.
– easily choose a color, and then turn it on with just one click.
– experience the bright and vibrant lights and their stunning visual effects.
– summon the mimic flame to create mesmerizing fire magic performances anytime.
– 2 types available: single thumb-light pack, and double thumb-light pack.

NEW !!!Sale!
Harry Potter Fire Wand 2

– throwing/catching various colors of light balls to show stunning magic
– using a vivid mimic flame to bring the amazing visual effect
– interacting with a variety of magic props to level up the magic power of the wand
– shooting fireballs and giving illumination like a Harry Potter wand for more fun and excitement

Fire Wand – Almighty Version

-a Harry Potter Wand shoots fire & emits colored smoke.
-swish the wand to change the light color.
-only 1,000 units are available for limited sale.
-order now to save 13%.

Fire Wand – Almighty Version, Combo Set

-besides Almighty wand, it comes with a flash paper holder, 2 packs of flash paper, and 2 boxes of smoke refill
-a complete solution for shooting fireballs and emitting colorful smoke
-buy to get a 20% discount and free shipping.

2″x3″ Flash Paper Pack (Buy 10 get 1 free)

-it’s fixed size 3″ x 2″, with no trouble of cutting big flash paper sheets.
-it’s interfolded pack like a package of tissue paper, easy to pull out and carry
-it’s vacuum-sealed and isolated from the air, easy to store
-buying 10 packs to get 1 pack for free

Hot !!Sale!
Fire Wand – Fireball Version

-it’s elegantly designed, with a delicate and artistic appearance and suitable size.
-it emits multiple colors of light, launches fireballs, and has an illuminating function.
-by simply waving the wand, you can easily change the light’s color.

HOT !!
Flash Paper Pack + Holder (Buy 10 get 1 free)

-the flash paper holder is a perfect accompaniment for flash paper packs.
-it’s easy to carry and can be easily pulled out as in use.
-MOQ must be: 1 flash paper holder + 5 flash paper packs.
-buy 10 (mixed quantity), and you’ll get 1 free.

HOT !!!Sale!
Fire Wand – Fireball Version, Combo Set

-contains a Fireball Version wand, 1 flash paper holder, 2 flash paper packs
-a complete solution to enjoy the fireball shooting
-buying a combo set saves you $10 and you get free shipping

Flash Paper Holder

-easy to carry, and easy to pull out flash paper
-smart design to keep flash paper for quick use in shooting fireballs with Fire Wand

Flash Paper (20cm x 25cm)

-it’s flash paper for magicians.
-with it, you can produce flames from finger tips.
-it ignites into a brilliant flame as touched by a lighter or match, or fire glow.

Fire Wand – Fireball Barrel

– specially designed for Fire Wand
– works with both of our Fireball or Almighty Fire Wands.
– can launch fireball up to 13 feet
– the MOQ for order is 3 units