2″x3″ Flash Paper Pack (Buy 10 get 1 free)

-it’s fixed size 3″ x 2″, with no trouble of cutting big flash paper sheets.
-it’s interfolded pack like a package of tissue paper, easy to pull out and carry
-it’s vacuum-sealed and isolated from the air, easy to store
-buying 10 packs to get 1 pack for free


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Flash Paper for Magic

The paper is commonly utilized in close-up magic acts where rapid flames need to be produced, such as card or coin tricks, as well as the flash paper gun. Additionally, numerous magic props are developed utilizing its features.

3 Tips to Master Flash Paper for Magic 

In the past, we’ve created numerous magic props for a wide array of magicians. Perhaps our most well-known creation is the Pyro Mini. To design such products, one must possess a thorough comprehension of the flash point of the paper in order to effectively utilize it for magic props. Similar to tissue paper, we believe that size, ease of use, and portability are critical factors for the effective use of the paper.

4 Advantages of our Flash Paper for Magic Fireball Shooting

Our paper is designed with a fixed size of 3″ x 2″ and is folded like tissue paper, making it easy to use with a fire wand to shoot fireballs. This eliminates the need to cut or tear large paper sheets, ensuring a quick and easy reloading process for shooting fireballs. Our paper ensures a 100% success rate in launching fireballs, with the ability to shoot four times, while others can only shoot once. It is also a compact pack and vacuum-sealed, making it easy to carry and less likely to degrade in quality due to isolation from the air.

Our Flash Paper for Magic Props

Besides fireball shooting, it can also be utilized with various other magic props such as an igniter, finger pad, and other types of launchers for flash paper.

Where to Buy Flash Paper

Want to get the magic paper? You may wonder about where to buy it. Look no further, you can buy it here in packs of 48 interfold 2″x3″ sheets, which are equivalent to 4 large 20*25cm paper sheets.  If you buy 10 packs, you will get an extra pack for free. Each pack measures 2.95″x2.95″x0.4″ and weighs 0.42 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to store.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, magicians use flash paper for close-up magic acts, such as producing rapid flames for card or coin tricks, and various magic props, including the Pyro Mini, which requires a comprehensive understanding of the flash point of paper.

Magicians’ flash paper is a nitrocellulose-treated tissue that produces a brilliant flame when exposed to a heat source, commonly used to shoot fireballs in magic acts. It comes in a fixed size of 3″ x 2″, is easy to use and ensures a high success rate.
Flash paper is used in magic acts to produce rapid flames for tricks, such as shooting fireballs or making objects disappear or appear.
Flash paper is also known as Magician’s Flash Paper, used for creating rapid flames in magic acts. It’s a critical element in designing magic props, and size, ease of use, and portability are essential factors to consider.

Flash paper is made of special tissue treated with nitric acid, also known as nitrocellulose. Evil Bunny’s flash paper is folded like tissue paper to make it easy to pull out and carry. Meanwhile, it’s compact package with the size 3″ x 2″, and vacum-siolated from the air.

At Evil Bunny, flash paper can be bought in packs of 48 interfold 2″x3″ sheets, with a minimum order quantity of 5 packs. Buying 10 packs will give you an additional pack for free.


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2 reviews for 2″x3″ Flash Paper Pack (Buy 10 get 1 free)

  1. Avatar of Daniel McManus

    Daniel McManus

    I’m happy with my purchase and the overall experience using it. The flash paper burns quickly, producing a brief burst of flame, and leaves no residue or ash.

  2. Avatar of Austin Miller

    Austin Miller

    This flash paper came with the magic wand when I purchased it. I use it to shoot fireballs. It works well, and the fireballs look cool and amazing.

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