Flash Paper Pack + Holder (Buy 10 get 1 free)

-the flash paper holder is a perfect accompaniment for flash paper packs.
-it’s easy to carry and can be easily pulled out as in use.
-MOQ must be: 1 flash paper holder + 5 flash paper packs.
-buy 10 (mixed quantity), and you’ll get 1 free.



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The Benefits of Using Fire Paper Pack + Holder for the Flash Paper Wand

Convenient and Easy to Use

Our fire paper pack has a fixed size and is folded like tissue paper, which makes it easy to use with a flash paper wand to shoot fireballs or perform flame tricks with bare hands. This feature is especially advantageous for the magician or the Harry Potter wand player.

Flash Paper Wand - flash paper + flash paper holder

Quick and Easy Access

With our flash paper pack, you can avoid the hassle of cutting or tearing large paper sheets. The paper is ready to use, ensuring quick and easy access.

Flash paper magician - pulling out flash paper

Compact and Vacuum-Sealed Pack

Our paper pack comes in a vacuum-sealed pack that is compact and easy to carry. The packaging is also designed to isolate the paper from the air, ensuring better storage.

Flash paper magician - flash paper vacuum sealed

Paper Holder for Portability & Discretion

Our paper holder is specifically designed to hold 48 sheets of paper. As a flash paper magician, you can attach the holder to your waistband, pocket, or sleeve to enhance portability and discretion.

Where to Buy Flash Paper Pack + Holder

Looking to buy fire paper and a holder for your magic performances? You can find it on this page. If you want the fireball shooting, consider our Fireball or Almighty combo sets, which come with a wand, holder, and 2 paper packs. If you need fire paper for your magic tricks, you can buy them here.

The minimum order quantity is 1 holder + 1 paper packs, but you can increase your order quantity as needed. And, if your total quantity reaches 10 (mixed), you’ll receive a free gift of 1 fire paper pack.

The Advantages of Using Fire Paper Pack + Holder’s Combination for Shooting Fireballs

The combination is a must-have for the flash paper wand player who wants to shoot fireballs with speed and accuracy. With this pack, you can achieve a launch success rate of 100%, and shooting fireballs is four times faster than with ordinary fire paper. In comparison, Evil Bunny’s paper pack has gone through 2 shots and a 35-second break, while the other brand can only shoot fireballs once. Choose this combination for your next magic performance and see the difference in speed and success.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Open OPP bag, 2. take vacuum pack, 3. open it and take flash paper. 4. Let first sheet pass slot, 5. fold holder to wrap stack, 6. insert metal clip to fix.

Magicians can ignite flash paper with a candle, cigarette or a hidden hand flasher/finger flasher, instead of a lighter. However, this requires practice. Evil Bunny’s flash paper pack with the holder requires no practice.
Flash Paper, also known as Magician’s Flash Paper, is tissue treated with nitric acid that can produce a brilliant flame when it comes in contact with a heat source like a lighter, match or candle.
Magicians use flash paper for exciting magic tricks. It’s versatile, but dangerous if not used correctly due to its high flammability.
Flash Wands are used by magicians to shoot fireballs up to 12-13 feet. They disappear with few smoke and no ash. Flash Wands use flash cotton and flash paper and have a built-in lithium battery.
Flash paper ignites at 150°C (300°F) for a second due to its sensitivity to heat, regardless of how carefully it’s prepared.
Flash paper is safe and leaves no ash. It burns quickly and completely with a bright flame, making it ideal for handheld devices and products that shoot flames like wands and guns.


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3 reviews for Flash Paper Pack + Holder (Buy 10 get 1 free)

  1. Avatar of Jamie Braid

    Jamie Braid

    The flash paper has been cut into 3″ x 2″ and folded well. Very user-friendly. Besides, it can be stored in the holder for easy portability without the worry of getting it dirty or lost.

  2. Avatar of Tammy Charles

    Tammy Charles

    The storage of flash paper can be challenging, but this holder offers an excellent solution for keeping it safe and easily accessible.

  3. Avatar of Austin Miller

    Austin Miller

    The design of the holder is very clever, making it easy to retrieve flash paper without any rush or hassle. I would say it’s a great product for shooting fireballs.

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