Fire Wand – Fireball Version

-it’s elegantly designed, with a delicate and artistic appearance and suitable size.
-it emits multiple colors of light, launches fireballs, and has an illuminating function.
-by simply waving the wand, you can easily change the light’s color.


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The Harry Potter Fireball Wand – Unleash Your Inner Wizard

Fans of the famous Harry Potter film series have always been fascinated by the magic and power of the wizarding world. And what could be more exciting than a Harry Potter Wand that can cast actual fireballs? That’s right, Evil Bunny has created the Harry Potter Fireball Wand, a finely crafted piece of art that can emit five different light colors and even shoot fireballs.

Change the Light with a Wave of Your Wand

With the push of a button, the white light will illuminate, summoning patrons. With a wave of the wand, the light changes to a blue hue, perfect for extracting memories. Wave it again to activate a crimson light of justice. Keep waving to bring forth a wicked green light and a burning yellow light. One final wave returns the light to its original white state.

Harry Potter fireball wand - lighting up different colors


Don’t worry if your light is in any color. Simply press and hold the button to turn it white. This white light is so bright that it resembles a beacon guiding ships in the dark, making it perfect for illuminating your surroundings.

Harry Potter fireball wand - Lumos feature

“Periculum!” or “Incendio” – Cast Fireball Spells

In the movies, Harry casts a fireball spell by uttering “Periculum” while waving his wand, or casts the “Incendio” spell to shoot fire in many battles. With the Fireball Wand, you can replicate this iconic moment by replacing the tip with a fireball barrel, loading flash paper, and pressing the button. The fireball can travel up to 13 feet!

Harry Potter fireball wand - lightball travels long distance

Flash Paper & Where to Buy It

You can purchase ready-folded flash paper packs and holders on our website. Each pack comes with 48 sheets of 2″ x 3″ flash paper, perfectly sized for the holder’s capacity. We also offer a convenient option called the flash paper pack + holder, which is available at a discounted price. Alternatively, you can cut larger flash paper into the suitable size of 2″ x 3″ and place it in the holder, but this may be a waste of your time.

We Highly Recommend the Fireball Combo Set

The Fireball Wand comes with a single pack of flash paper (24 sheets), but what if you run out? That’s why we highly recommend the Fireball Combo Set. In addition to the Fire Wand and a pack of flash paper (24 sheets), the combo set includes two additional flash paper packs (48 sheets in each pack) and a flash paper holder. Plus, you can enjoy the advantage of a 20% discount on any additional flash paper packs you purchase directly from the same page.

The Future of our Harry Potter Fire Wands

Coming soon for almighty

At Evil Bunny, we are always working to enhance the magic of our wands. Soon, we plan to release wands with even more features, such as emitting various colors of smoke, gathering and releasing light sources like the Deluminator, and even moving and disappearing objects, among many other possibilities. And for those who want even more power, we’ve already developed the Fire Wand-Almighty Version, which includes all the features of the Fireball Version, but with the added charm of colored smoke.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Harry Potter Fireball Wand today and unleash your inner wizard!

Harry Potter wand shoots fire - emitting colored smoke


Frequently Asked Questions

The Fire Wand is a Harry Potter-inspired product that allows you to shoot fireballs and emit colorful smoke. It comes in 4 versions: Fireball, Almighty, Fireball Combo Set, and Almighty Combo Set. All versions can shoot fireballs and emit 5 different colors of light, while the Almighty series can also emit smoke in 5 different colors.

Harry Potter fireball wand - Fireball Version
Fireball Version
Harry Potter wand shoots fire - Almighty Version
Almighty Version
Fireball wand - combo set
Fireball Combo
Harry Potter Fire Wand - Combo Set
Almighty Combo

Our wand uses flash paper and is electronically ignited to create a realistic fireball effect that is safe and entertaining. So, you can call the fireball Harry Potter wand the “Fireball Version”.

Yes, our Harry Potter fireball wand with flash paper (Fireball Version) shoots fire up to 13 feet. Besides, due to its larger battery capacity (200 MAH), it can continuously fire 300 times per charge.

Harry Potter fireball wand - 13ft far
13 ft far on average
Harry Potter fireball wand - 200 mAH battery
200 mAH capacity
Our Fireball Version has a unique hand-painted deadwood handle and wand shaft with annual ring wood patterns. Designed via 3D tech, it emits 5 colors and shoots fireballs, suitable as a high-end toy and collector’s item.

Yes, it is due to its ability to shoot fireballs and emits light in different colors. The unique design of the wand, including the hand-painted dead wood grains and beautiful annual ring wood patterns on the wand shaft, adds to its potential as a prop in magic performances.

Our Fireball Version wand has a longer shooting distance of 13 feet compared to the Harry Potter fire-launching wand on Amazon or Tiktok which have a distance of only 8 feet on average. The heater-coil resistance and the mouth of the wand’s barrel determine which wand is the best fireball shooting wand and allow for an extended range.

Our Fireball Version has over 7.5 times more fireballs per charge than the fireball-shooting wand on Amazon or TikTok due to its 200mAH battery capacity (300 times) vs its 100mAH capacity (40 times).

 Harry Potter fireball wand shoots fire – 200mAH vs 100 mAH Battery
Evil Bunny 200 mAH vs. Amazon/TikTok 100 mAH

Evil Bunny’s flash paper: vacuum-packed and fixed size, easy-loaded, %100 successful fire shooting rate. Amazon/TikTok’s flash paper: large flash paper, slow loading speed and low successful fire shooting rate. That’s why Evil Bunny’s wand can shoot fireballs 4 times in 35 secs, while other wands can only shoot fireballs once.

Evil Bunny’s wand: slidable buckle on the plugger and fixed size flash paper, for fast loading, 100% success, safety shutdown. Amazon/TikTok’s wand: sharp steel plugger, the risk of accidental triggering, big flash paper issue, slow loading. That explains why Evil Bunny’s wand shoots fireballs 4 times in 35 secs, while other wands shoot once.

Evil Bunny’s accessories include a bumper to protect the heater coil, while Amazon/TikTok provides a sharp metal plugger that can damage the heater coil and become a dangerous projectile if accidentally triggered.

 Harry Potter fireball wand – Accessory Comparison
Accessory Comparison

The Harry Potter fireball wand on TikTok or Amazon lacks a low battery indicator. Not only does our Fireball Version have a red light to remind us of low battery, but at idle, it will also enter sleep mode to save power, with a standby time of over 3 months.

 Harry Potter fireball wand – Low Battery Statue
Low Battery Indication

Evil Bunny’s Fireball version wand has a dual function, shooting fireballs and emitting 5 colors of light. It also has an intelligent recognition system that can differentiate between a fireball barrel and a light tube and activate the appropriate feature accordingly. In contrast, the Harry Potter wand can only launch fireballs on Amazon or TikTok.

Our Fireball version wand has high integration of 3D design and electronics, a unique painted handle with a wood-pattern coated rod, while the Harry Potter wands with fireball blaster on Amazon or TikTok have low integration. For instance, they have an electronic board forced in resin handle, the rod is painted without a wood pattern.

Harry Potter wand shoots fire - Mechanism comparison
Mechanism Comparison
Harry Potter wand shoots fire - exterior design comparison
Entire ID/Shaft/Handle 
The Fire Wand is the Harry Potter wand that shoots fire, sold by Evil Bunny Tech. It comes in 4 versions: Fireball, Almighty, Fireball Combo Set, and Almighty Combo Set. All can shoot fireballs and light up 5 colors, with the Almighty series also able to emit smoke in 5 light colors.

In 2019, Evil Bunny obtained several patents in China, including utility model and design patents, with numbers 2019203035424, 201930105025.1, 201930105034.0, and 201930105536.3. These patents safeguard our Fire Wand series, which launches fireballs, emits smoke and light, and showcases unique designs.

Evil Bunny’s Fireball wand performs better with longer and faster fireballs, multi-color lights, and Lumos lighting, and has better mechanism design, touch, and accessories.

Buy fire wands at Evil Bunny Store. 4 models are available. All can shoot fireballs and light up 5 colors, with the Almighty series also able to emit smoke in 5 light colors. The consumables included in each model are as follows:

1). Fireball: comes with a 24-sheet flash paper.

2). Fireball Combo Set: includes Fireball Version wand, 2 flash paper packs, and 1 flash paper holder.

3). Almighty: comes with a 24-sheet flash paper and a smoke cartridge installed.

4). Almighty Combo Set: includes Almighty Version wand, 2 flash paper packs, 2 boxes smoke refill, and 1 flash paper holder.

Harry Potter fireball wand - Fireball Version
Fireball Version
Fireball wand - combo set
Fireball Combo
Harry Potter wand shoots fire - Almighty Version
Almighty Version
Harry Potter Fire Wand - Combo Set
Almighty Combo
The Fireball Version wand costs $84.99, the Fireball Combo Set costs $113.96, the Almighty Version wand costs $134.99 with a 10% discount, and the Almighty Combo Set costs $197 with a 10% off. All are available at Evil Bunny Store.
The Fireball and Almighty version of our Harry Potter wands are designed to be used universally and can be used by anyone who desires to wield them. Their prices are $84.99 for Fireball Version and $134.99(10% off) for Almighty Version.
When using our Fireball Version, first, keep the wand away from flammable materials and liquids. Second, the wand is not intended for use by children; it is only for users aged 18 or older. Finally, be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid accidental triggering.
The “Incendio” spell creates fire in the Harry Potter universe. Harry used it multiple times in the series. In “Goblet of Fire,” “Periculum” spell creates fireballs. Our Fire Wands use flash paper to launch fireballs.

Order Info

What you will get

When ordering Fire Wand – Fireball Version, you will get the following product content:

Fireball Content List


This product comes with 24 pcs of 2″x3″ flash paper. So the wand can only shoot 24 fireballs.

For more fun in using Fire Wand, we strongly recommend you to purchase Fire Wand (Fireball Version) – Combo Set. You can get 2 more accessories (listed below). Meanwhile, you save $10 and get free shipping, as well as you can save the shipping cost for re-ordering flash paper because you can have 2 more packs in Combo set.

-2 packs of flash paper (48 pcs/pack). The wand can shoot 96 more fireballs.
-1 flash paper holder. You can keep flash paper in the holder for quick use.

If you are interested in Combo set, please click the link for more detail.


Accessories : how to buy more quantity?

Flash paper is a consumable item. When you’re running out of it, you can buy it by clicking the link.

Flash paper pack (2” x 3”) (48 pcs/pack)


What else can you buy?
Flash paper holder. It’s a smart gadget for you to keep flash paper. Easy to carry, and easy to pull flash paper out.

For Flash paper pack + holder, (mixed q’ty) buy 10, get 1 free.
(*free gift: flash paper pack*1)


Wholesale Instruction

1. Each carton contains 49 units of Fire Wand-Fireball Version. MOQ is 49 units. The more you buy, the more discount you can get.

2. If you are interested in being a wholesaler of this product, please send inquiry to us. We will quote you according to your buying quantity. For wholesalers approved by us, we will upgrade your account, and you can see the tier prices of each product.

3. Orders placed in wholesale quantities are eligible for free shipping.

4. Regional agents are welcome. If you are interested, please send inquiry to us.


Technical Information

Description Details
Fire Wand - Fireball Version
Model No.
Wand Size

14.17x1.14x1.14 inches

Wand size inches

Box Size

15.94x2.95x1.57 inches

Box size Fireball inches


The wand:2.30 ounces

TFire Wand with box and accessorries: 10.93 ounces
Recommended Age
18 years and up
LED Indicator
3 colors: red, blue, and green
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, capacity:200 mAh; Output Vol.:3.7V
Charging time
1.5 hrs.
Working time
300 times per charge for fireball shooting.
Standby time
When the wand is at idle status for 30 minutes, it enters sleeping mode. Under sleeping mode, the power can last for 60 days.

(What you will get)
  1. Fire Wand-Fireball Version-1 Pcs
  2. 5-colors light tube (installed in the wand tip)-1 Pcs
  3. Fireball barrel-1 Pcs
  4. Flash paper plugger-1 Pcs
  5. Tweezers-1 Pcs
  6. Barrel brush
  7. 2" x 3" Flash paper (24 PCS) -1 Pcs
  8. Instruction card-1 Pcs
  9. USB charging cable-1 Pcs

    Fireball content


Wholesale Inquiry

To inquire about a bulk order, kindly choose the desired items and indicate the required quantity below.

10 reviews for Fire Wand – Fireball Version

  1. Avatar of Kyle Farrell

    Kyle Farrell

    The perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan. The wand looks great.

  2. Avatar of Robin


    The Wand is beautiful and its quality is great. It works well as described on the website.

  3. Avatar of Lily0315


    I bought it for my brother’s birthday. Awesome item. He loves it very much.

  4. Avatar of Kellie S.

    Kellie S.

    A nice wand for cosplay and for adding some magic to my everyday life.

  5. Avatar of Amber


    I feel like a real wizard with this wand. The “Lumos” function is especially cool.

  6. Avatar of Lindaloo


    This thing is so cool. I’ve been shooting fireballs all day.

  7. Avatar of Giulia Bianchi

    Giulia Bianchi

    WOW!! The wand’s colors and light are stunning! I use it for cosplay.

  8. Avatar of Leonardo Rossi

    Leonardo Rossi

    Love the Fire Wand-Fireball version! The fireball feature is impressive!

  9. Avatar of C. H. Yang

    C. H. Yang

    I just got the wand as a gift from my husband. It’s amazing! Perfect for Harry Potter fans like me.

  10. Avatar of Isabella Mitchell

    Isabella Mitchell

    The fireball launch is so cool. My friends also like it, too.

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