Flash Paper Holder

-easy to carry, and easy to pull out flash paper
-smart design to keep flash paper for quick use in shooting fireballs with Fire Wand


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  1. A holder can contain up to 48 pieces of 2″ x 3″ flash paper, the exclusive size used in Fire Wand. For 2″x3″ flash paper, you can buy our Flash Paper Pack to save you the time and trouble of cutting and folding large flash paper.
  2. The holder can be clipped to a belt, or hidden under the clothes. It’s an indispensable artifact for Fire Wand to put flash paper when launching fireballs.
  3. If you only need one holder, you can visit Flash Paper Holder + Flash Paper Pack, where you can buy 1 flash paper holder together with 5 (or more) flash paper packs. Or if you are interested in launching fireballs with Fire Wand, you can purchase the Fire Wand Combo Set, which includes a wand, a holder, and 2 flash paper packs.
  4. The flash paper holder fits precisely 48 sheets of 2″ x 3″ flash paper, offering portability and ease of access, eliminating the need for cutting and folding. Alternatively, using larger 20x25cm flash paper and cutting it into 24 smaller 2″ x 3″ sheets can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inconvenient.
  5. The dimensions and the material of the flash paper holder are described below.
    Description Dimension Material
    The clip


    Clip Holder Size

    Matte black stainless steel
    The holder PE sheet
    Packaging box 2.87″x2.24″x0.87″ Corrugated paper


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