Fire Wand – Almighty Version

-a Harry Potter Wand really shoots fire & emits colored smoke.
-swish the wand to change the light color.
-only 1,000 units are available for limited sale.
-order now to save 33%.


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A Harry Potter Wand That Shoots Fire & Emits Gorgeous Smoke

Get ready to experience the power of magic with the Harry Potter wand that shoots fire and emits smoke. This magnificent wand is the Fire Wand-Almighty Version, and it’s even more unique because it can exhale gorgeous and dense smoke.

Light up your Wizarding World with Color-Changing Smoke Wand

Changing Smoke color with Harry Potter Wand That Shoots Fire

The Almighty Fire Wand takes the magical experience to the next level, as this Harry Potter wand shoots fire and emits colored smoke as well. Its visually stunning smoke changes into different hues with five colors of light, including white, blue, red, green, and yellow. With this wand, the possibilities for creating an enchanting atmosphere are endless.

A Harry Potter wand that shoots fire - emitting colored smoke

Unveiling the Secrets of Smoke Symbolism in Harry Potter

The white smoke evokes a wizard summoning a Patronus, while the blue smoke resembles smoke wisps that appear when extracting memories. As shown in the final battle between Harry and Voldemort, the red smoke represents justice and love, the green smoke symbolizes evil, and the yellow smoke signifies the mind and intellect cast by the “Legilimency” spell.

A Harry Potter wand that shoots fire-summoning the patronus A Harry Potter wand that shoots fire-extracting memory

Each smoke lasts three seconds in the light and smoke mode, but you can extend its duration to 30 seconds by holding down the button.

Creating a Mystical Atmosphere with Smoke

The gentle flow of smoke from the Harry Potter wand that shoots fire, whether from the incantations of wizards or witches or simply from its presence, elevates the magic and contributes to a captivating atmosphere. Relax and get lost in the dreamy smoke as you watch it gracefully dance and swirl, transporting you to a tranquil world where you can simply bask in its beauty.

A Harry Potter wand that shoots fire-mystical atmosphere with colored smoke

A Harry Potter Wand that Lights Up 5 Different Fancy Colors

Wave the wand to change the different light color

In addition to its smoke-blowing capability, the Almighty Version Wand also can generate five different hues of light and shoot flame, just like the Fireball Version. You can light up these five different lights by waving the wand or pressing its button.

A Harry Potter wand that shoots fire - lighting up different colors


And, by simply pushing and holding down the button, all lights will instantly change to white light, providing you with a lighting source.

A Harry Potter wand that shoots fire - Lumos lighting

Incendio Wand: Bring the Harry Potter Magic to Life!

In the Harry Potter universe, the “Incendio” spell is used to create fire. Harry Potter uses it in various situations throughout the series, from defending himself to lighting up dark areas. In the movie “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” he even used the “Periculum” spell to shoot out fireballs from the labyrinth shrub.

A Harry Potter wand that shoots fire - shooting fireballs

With our wand, you can cast your fireball spell just like Harry did. Simply replace the wand’s tip with a fireball barrel, load the flash paper, and press the button. This Incendio wand can launch a fireball up to 13 feet away. It’s just like the movies!

Smoke Cartridges and Flash Paper Pack Included

The Magic Harry Potter Wand-Almighty Version comes with one smoke cartridge that can produce 200 puffs of smoke (3 seconds per puff), and a 24-sheet flash paper pack that is vacuum-packed. You can purchase additional smoke refills and flash paper packs on our website.

The Almighty Combo Set – The Complete Solution

For the best experience with the Harry Potter wand that shoots fire and emits smoke, we recommend the Almighty Combo Set, which includes one Almighty Version Wand with an installed smoke cartridge and 24-sheet flash paper pack, two boxes of smoke refills, one flash paper holder, and two packs of flash papers. You can also enjoy a 20% discount on this page when purchasing additional smoke refills and flash paper packs.

Order Now and Get a Discount

Limited Offer

We are currently offering a limited edition of 1,000 Almighty Version Wands, and you can get a 33% discount when you order the Almighty Wand or the Almighty Combo Set. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy the Harry Potter wand that shoots fire and emits smoke. Order now while supplies last.


Frequently Asked Questions

Experience the Harry Potter magic with Fire Wands! Shoot fireballs and emit colorful smoke like wizards. 4 versions available: Fireball, Almighty, Fireball Combo Set and Almighty Combo Set. All can shoot fireballs and light up 5 different fancy colors, while Almighty series can also emit smoke in 5 different colors.

Harry Potter fireball wand - Fireball Version
Fireball Version
Harry Potter wand shoots fire - Almighty Version
Almighty Version
Fireball wand - combo set
Fireball Combo
Harry Potter Fire Wand - Combo Set
Almighty Combo

Fire Wand-Almighty version uses flash paper to create a fiery discharge. The flash paper creates a burst of fire when lit. Shooting distance and times per charge are determined by the fireball barrel size and battery capacity.

The Fire Wand-Almighty Version launches fireballs up to 13 ft. After extensive experimentation during Pyro Mini development, we learned the firing distance is influenced by the barrel material, size, and the heater coil design.

Harry Potter wand shoots fire - 13ft far
13 ft far on average
Our Almighty wand can shoot 450 fireballs with a 300mAH battery in one charge.
Harry Potter wand shoots fire - 13ft far
300 mAH battery capacity

Almighty wand spews mesmerizing colored smoke in light and smoke mode. Short press creates smoke for 3 seconds, long press up to 30 seconds.

The Almighty Version wand is a high-tech electronic product with a delicate and artistic design. The wand recognizes whether it’s connected to a light tube or fireball barrel, and responds by either spewing smoke or shooting fire.

Our Almighty Version wand outperforms other Harry Potter wand that shoots fire balls on Amazon and Tiktok with a longer shooting distance of 13 feet. This is due to our larger heater-coil resistance and wider barrel mouth, providing more power and control.

The Almighty wand produces over 10x more fireballs per charge due to its 300mAH battery, 450x more than the fireball-shooting wand’s 100mAH (40x per charge) on Amazon or TikTok.

 Harry Potter wand shoots fire - Battery comparison
300 mAH of Evil Bunny vs. 100 mAH of Amazon/TikTok

Evil Bunny’s flash paper: vacuum-packed, fixed size for easy handling. Amazon/TikTok’s paper: large sheets need cutting/tearing, slow loading, lower success rate of fire shooting. That’s why we can shoot fireballs twice and takes 35-secs break, while others can only shoot fireballs once.

Evil Bunny’s wand: fast in loading, 100% success and safe in fire shooting. Slidable buckle in plugger, fixed size flash paper, and a safety shutdown design. Amazon/TikTok’s wand: slow, risk of accidental triggering. Sharp steel plugger, big flash paper issue. That explains why we can shoot fire twice, with 35-sec breaks, while others can only shoot fire once.

Evil Bunny’s accessories come with bumper to prevent damage to the heater coil, while Amazon/TikTok only offers a sharp metal plugger without bumper that can easily cause damage to the heater coil and become a dangerous projectile if triggered accidentally.

 Harry Potter wand shoots fire - Accessory comparison
Accessory comparison

Our Almighty wand boasts a wide range of features, such as firing fireballs, emitting light in five colors, and spewing smoke in various hues. The auto-recognition system can detect whether to shoot fire or emit colored smoke. The Harry Potter wand that actually shoots fire on Amazon or TikTok is limited to shooting fireballs in comparison.

Unlike the Harry Potter wand that shoots flame on Amazon or TikTok, the Almighty wand from Evil Bunny has a low battery indicator and sleep mode to save power. It can standby for 3+ months.

 Harry Potter wand shoots fire – Low Battery Indication
Low Battery Indication

Almighty wand features a high integration in its mechanism design, unique wood-patterned handle, and a detachable shaft for easy smoke cartridge replacement. Harry Potter wands on Amazon/TikTok have low integration. For example, their PCB is embedded in a resin handle, and the rod lacks a wood pattern.

Harry Potter wand shoots fire - Mechanism comparison
Mechanism Comparison
Harry Potter wand shoots fire - exterior design comparison
Entire ID/Shaft/Handle 
Our Almighty wand outperforms Amazon/TikTok’s fire wand in functions, mechanism design, touch, and accessories. It shoots fireballs farther and faster, emits multi-color lights, Lumos lighting, and sprays colored smoke.

Yes, Evil Bunny obtained utility and design patents (No.: 2019203035424, 201930105025.1, 201930105034.0, and 201930105536.3) in China (2019) to safeguard its Fire Wand series, which launches fireballs, emits smoke and light, and showcases unique designs.

The Fire Wand sold by Evil Bunny Tech shoots fire. It has 4 versions: Fireball, Almighty, Fireball Combo Set, and Almighty Combo Set. All can shoot fireballs and light up 5 colors, while Almighty series can also emit colored smoke.

1). Fireball: 24-sheet flash paper x 1

2). Fireball Combo Set: 1 Fireball Version wand, 2 flash paper packs, 1 flash paper holder

3). Almighty: 24-sheet flash paper x 1, smoke cartridge x 1

4). Almighty Combo Set: 1 Almighty Version wand, 2 flash paper packs, 2 smoke refill boxes, 1 flash paper holder

Harry Potter fireball wand - Fireball Version
Fireball Version
Fireball wand - combo set
Fireball Combo
Harry Potter wand shoots fire - Almighty Version
Almighty Version
Harry Potter Fire Wand - Combo Set
Almighty Combo
The Almighty version wand costs $134.99 with a 10% discount, the Almighty Combo Set costs $197 with a 10% off, Fireball Version wand costs $84.99, and the Fireball Combo Set costs $113.96.
The Fireball and Almighty version of our Harry Potter wands are designed to be used universally and can be used by anyone who desires to wield them. Their prices range from $84.99 to$134.99.
The smoke blown feature in Harry Potter wands, such as the Almighty version, adds a mesmerizing effect to spells and can enhance magical performances.
Yes, the Harry Potter wand Almighty Version can light up in 5 different fancy colors, and the Almighty series can also emit smoke in 5 different light colors.

Order Info

What you will get

When ordering Fire Wand – Almighty Version, you will get the following product content:

Almighty Combo Content List


This product has a smoke cartridge installed in the wand handle, and comes with 24 pcs of 2″x3″ flash paper. So the wand can blow smoke for 200 times only (3 seconds per blow), and shoot only 24 fireballs.

For more fun in using Fire Wand, we strongly recommend you to purchase Fire Wand (Almighty Version) – Combo Set. You can get 3 more accessories (listed below). Meanwhile, you can get 10% discount (you save $22) and get free shipping, as well as you can save the shipping cost for re-ordering flash paper or smoke refills because you have 2 of each available in the Combo set.

-2 boxes of smoke refills (5 pcs/box). The wand can blow smoke more than 2000 times.
-2 packs of flash paper (48 pcs/pack). The wand can shoot 96 more fireballs.
-1 flash paper holder. You can keep flash paper in the holder for quick use.

If you are interested in Combo set, please click the link for more detail.


Accessories : how to buy more quantity?
For the consumables like flash paper and smoke cartridges, when you’re running out of them, you can buy them by clicking the link.

Smoke refills (5 pcs/box)
2”x3” Flash paper pack (48 pcs/pack)


What else can you buy?
Flash paper holder. It’s a smart gadget for you to keep flash paper. Easy to carry, and easy to pull flash paper out.

For Flash paper pack + holder, (mixed q’ty) (mixed q’ty) buy 10, get 1 free.
(*free gift: flash paper pack*1)

For Flash Paper Pack, buy 10, get 1 free.


Wholesale Instruction

1. Each carton contains 49units of Fire Wand-Fireball Version. MOQ is 49 units. The more you buy, the more discount you can get.

2. If you are interested in being a wholesaler of this product, please send inquiry to us. We will quote you according to your buying quantity. For wholesalers approved by us, we will upgrade your account, and you can see the tier prices of each product.

3. Orders placed in wholesale quantities are eligible for free shipping.

4. Regional agents are welcome. If you are interested, please send inquiry to us.


Technical Information

Description Details
Fire Wand-Almighty Version
Model No.
Wand Dimension

14.17x1.14x1.14 inches

Wand size inches

Box Dimension

15.94x2.95x1.57 inches

Box size Almighty inches

The wand:2.95 ounces

The wand with the box and accessories: 12.80oz
LED Indicator
3 colors: red, blue, and green
Rechargeable lithium battery, capacity:300 mAh; Output Vol.:3.7V
Charging time
2 hrs.
Working time
260 times per charge (with 3 seconds per smoking puff under light and smoke mode), or 450 times per charge (for fireball shooting).
Standby time
When the wand is at idle status for 30 minutes, it enters sleeping mode. Under sleeping mode, the power can last for 60 days.
(What you will get)
  1. Fire Wand-Almighty Version-1 Pcs
  2. 5-colors light tube (installed in the wand tip)-1 Pcs
  3. Fireball barrel-1 Pcs
  4. Smoke cartridge (installed in wand handle)-1 Pcs
  5. Flash paper plugger-1 Pcs
  6. Tweezers-1 Pcs
  7. Cleaning rod-1 Pcs
  8. Barrel brush
  9. 2" x 3" Flash paper (24 PCS) -1 Pcs
  10. Instruction card-1 Pcs
  11. Cleaning towel- 1 Pcs
  12. USB charging cable-1 Pcs


    Tech info Amighty content


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9 reviews for Fire Wand – Almighty Version

  1. Avatar of Mary Gregg

    Mary Gregg

    I like the way it can change the lights just by waving the wand. Easy and fast.

  2. Avatar of Ivan Jansen

    Ivan Jansen

    I got the wand last week but was unsure how to use it. So I watched the instructional videos on your website, and it’s helpful. Now I can use it properly. I’m having a lot of fun with it.

  3. Avatar of Albert Wang

    Albert Wang

    I absolutely love this magic wand. The design of the wand is artistic and elegant. Works great in shooting fireballs and blowing smoke. The fireball shooting on this wand is very impressive.

  4. Avatar of Mark Brinks

    Mark Brinks

    The smoke is so dreamy and relaxing. I love the way it shoots fireballs, too. It’s so much fun.

  5. Avatar of Brandon L. Smith

    Brandon L. Smith

    This wand is perfect for cosplay. It looks just like the real thing. The way it emits smoke is amazing.

  6. Avatar of Nancy Lee

    Nancy Lee

    The light is fancy. The different colors of light are so pretty, and they make me feel like I’m in a fairy tale.

  7. Avatar of Felix F.

    Felix F.

    I feel like I’m in a mystical world every time I use this wand. The smoke just elevates the magic.

  8. Avatar of Jonathan


    This wand is so much fun to use. It can puff smoke, just like you’re actually casting a spell. Shooting fireballs is great, too.

  9. Avatar of Peter M

    Peter M

    The smoke cartridges and flash paper pack are great. I just got everything I need to start using the wand right away. The smoke really adds to the overall experience, and it’s not just a gimmick.

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