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Coaster – Smoke Refill (Buy 12 get 1 free)

-it’s the smoke oil refill for Smoke Coaster
-the capacity of each bottle is 10 ML
-add 3~4 ml of smoke oil and the coaster can blow smoke 1.5 hours
-each bottle can provide 3 refills (3~4 ml/time)

Smoke Coaster – Custom Design

-we accept custom patterns for Smoke Coaster.
-MOQ of each custom pattern is 48 units.
-we will make samples for your approval first, and then proceed with production.

Smoke Coaster – Flame Tiger

Put your drink on Smoke Coaster! It emits a soft glow, followed by waves of smoke. Smoke Coaster adds an instant sparkle to ordinary drinking.

Smoke Coaster – Leopard

Indulge in a moment of tranquility with a cup of coffee. Let the mesmerizing interplay of light, smoke, and visuals wash over you in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

Smoke Coaster – Jaguar

Enhance your drinking experience with Smoke Coaster – a coaster that emits a soft glow and waves of smoke, adding instant sparkle to your daily drinking.