Smoke Coaster – Jaguar

Enhance your drinking experience with Smoke Coaster – a coaster that emits a soft glow and waves of smoke, adding instant sparkle to your daily drinking.


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Bar Coaster for a Mood-Setting Beer Experience

Introducing the Smoke Coaster – the perfect accessory to set the mood for enjoying your beer at the bar. Once your beer glass is placed on top of the pad, it slowly lights up and emits a soothing glow. As you take a sip, it emits smoke in waves, creating a relaxing ambiance that enhances your drinking experience.

The Beauty of Light-transmitting Pattern

Our bar coaster features a professional light-transmitting pattern design on the glass bottom. Available in blue, yellow, and green colors, the light passes through the pattern, creating a mysterious and stylish beauty. With waves of smoke spouting like clouds, the mat creates a cool and unique atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your beer-drinking experience with our beer pad.

The Creation of Jaguar Pattern

We utilized dusk time to create the Jaguar pattern by merging the silhouettes of cliffs and Jaguars in the dark. We only revealed the dusk sky between cliffs and highlighted the power of three flames and Jaguar’s eyes. The pattern actually features three Jaguars. When yellow light passes through the light-transmitting areas, three magnificent Jaguars appear. With the green light, three mysterious Jaguars are half-hidden in the cliffs. As the light turns blue, a relaxing atmosphere naturally emerges.

Enhancing Beer Drinking with Smoke

The emission of smoke produces a distinct and refreshing atmosphere that elevates your drinking experience. This attribute makes the beer drink on the coaster even more exceptional and unparalleled.

More Features on Our Bar Coaster

1. Two-section switch & Light Color Button

Smoke-spraying light mode & Pure light-emitting mode; light button for blue, yellow, and green light options.

Bar coaster - two-sectioned switch and light color button

2. Tempered glass top

Ultra-thin tempered glass top with acid and heat resistance.

3. 5 bottles of smoke refills enclosed

Smoke oil capacity: 3-4 ml; 1.5 hours of continuous smoke. Each bottle has 10 ml; 3 refuels. 5 bottles enclosed for 22+ hours.

Bar Coaster - smoke refill

4. Safe and Non-toxic Smoke

Food-grade e-liquid without nicotine or harm to the body.

5. User-friendly Design

Anti-splash surface, non-slip bottom, and gravity switch activated by sensing a cup on it.

Bar coaster - anti-slipppery pads

6. Universal for Most Cups

Measured for average size; suitable for whisky, red wine, coffee, beer cups, or small beer bottles.

7. Suitable for various occasions

bars, parties, coffee shops, beer houses, friends/family gatherings, etc.

8. Customizable Pattern

Custom patterns are welcome for beer brands, liquor dealers, bars, coffee shops, etc. to show individuality and enhance the image.

Order Info

What you will get
When ordering Smoke Coaster, you will get the following product content:

-Smoke Coaster x 1 pcs (available patterns: Leopard, Jaguar, Flame Tiger)
-10 ML nicotine-free smoke oil x 5 bottles, which are worth $4.99 each.
-cleaning towel x 1 pcs
-USB charging cable x 1 pcs

Smoke oil refill

1. When you run out of smoke oil, you can click the link to buy smoke oil refill.

2. MOQ of smoke oil refill is 10 bottles. If you buy 1 dozen (12 bottles), you will get 1 bottle for free.

3. Each carton contains 48 bottles of smoke oil refill. If you buy 1 carton or more, you can get a 20% discount.

4. Each carton contains 48 bottles of smoke oil refill. If you buy 1 carton or more, you can get a 20% discount.

If your buying q’ty exceeds the maximum order q’ty above (576 bottles = 12 cartons), please send us an inquiry and we will offer a better discount to you.

Custom pattern on Smoke Coaster
If you are interested in making your own patterns on the coaster, please visit Custom Smoke Coaster page in our website.


Technical Information

Description Details
Smoke Coaster-Jaguar
Model No.
The coaster top is made of ultra-thin tempered glass, and the back is printed with a vivid pattern which allows light to pass through.
Coaster Dimension

3.54x 3.54x 0.65 inches

Coaster size Jaguar inch

Box Dimension

4.33x4.33x2.17 inches

Box size inch

The coaster: 3.40 ounces

The coaster with box and accessories included: 8.0 ounces
LED Indicator
LED colors: blue and green
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, capacity:800 mAh; Output Vol.:3.7V
Charging Time
4 hrs.
Working Time
1.5 hours in one charge under smoke & lighting mode
Standby Time
60 days
1). Refill oil-5 bottles.

2).USB charging cable-1 Pcs

3). A square cleaning towel


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2 reviews for Smoke Coaster – Jaguar

  1. Avatar of Iris Goh

    Iris Goh

    This coaster is so easy to use. If the smoke starts to dissipate, just add a little smoke oil and it’s good to go again.

  2. Avatar of Brian713


    At first, I was intrigued by the smoking effect, but this Smoke Coaster is amazing. It gives a fun and enjoyable element to my coffee routine.

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