Smoke Coaster – Custom Design

-we accept custom patterns for Smoke Coaster.
-MOQ of each custom pattern is 48 units.
-we will make samples for your approval first, and then proceed with production.


Free shipping for orders ≧ US$150
ship to worldwide via int’l express
Estimated delivery: 3-8 days


The Demo Patterns on The Custom Coasters

Those with logos or brands displayed in the photos and videos are pure to show you the characteristics of custom patterns. They are not for selling purposes. We have selected some representative occasions for the custom patterns and hope to receive more inquiries in different applications.

1. Custom beer brands

Design the Beer brand to enhance its popularity of the beer brand

2. Custom wind brands

Match the whiskey brand and do promotional activities together with the whiskey.

3. Custom bar sign

Combine the bar brand to enhance the drinking atmosphere at the bar.

4. Custom coffee shop’s logo

Design the coffee shop logo to create a new selling point for the coffee shop

Unleash the Mysterious Beauty of Your Brand

Our Smoke coasters feature stylish designs that create a mysterious and stylish ambiance. We use a light-transmitting pattern to enhance your custom image, allowing the light to pass through and create a beautiful effect in blue, yellow, or green colors. As smoke clouds emit under the cup, it adds to the cool and relaxing atmosphere for deeper drinking enjoyment. By incorporating our light-transmitting feature into your brand or logo, it will become more unique and memorable to customers. Let us help you leave a lasting impression and enhance your brand image with our light-transmitting design.

The Custom Glass Coaster

We offer custom design options for the glass top of our Smoke Coaster, allowing customers to request their desired pattern. This feature of the custom coasters does not affect its functions or features, and the accessories, including smoke oil refills and packaging box, remain unchanged.

The Detailed Conditions for Ordering Custom Coasters

1. Minimum order quantity and price

Each pattern has a minimum order quantity of 48 units, with a unit price starting at $74.99 (including shipping) and up to a 20% discount for larger orders. Please refer to the discount table provided.

2. Sample charge

The sample charge is $300, which includes designing your image into a light-transmitting pattern and creating a sample for your approval. The $300/pattern cost covers the shipping fee for the sample.

3. Custom packaging

The custom packaging is not included in the $300/pattern cost. If you require custom packaging, we will provide you with a quotation.

5. Sample’s lead time

7-10 days.

Order Info

What you will get
When ordering Smoke Coaster-custom design, you will get the following product content:

1. 1 unit of sample (with your pattern on the coaster glass) for your approval.

2. When the sample is approved by you, we will start production soon. For your order of Smoke Coaster-custom design, each unit includes the following:

-Smoke Coaster x 1 pcs (with your exclusive pattern on the coaster glass)
-10ml nicotine-free smoke oil x 5 bottles, which are worth $4.99 each.
-cleaning towel x 1 pcs
-USB charging cable x 1 pcs
-our existing packaging box x 1 pcs (with a sticker having your pattern name on it)

About the unit price and the sample fee:
When you come to the page of Smoke Coaster-custom design, it means that you have determined the custom pattern and the order quantity (MOQ is ≧48 units), and you are clear about the unit price (starting from 20% off at $74.99) and the discount. If your order q’ty exceeds the maximum order q’ty above (576 units = 12 cartons), please send us an inquiry and we will offer a better discount to you.

Tier prices for custom coaster 2


Technical Information

Description Details
Smoke Coaster-Custom Pattern
Model No.
The coaster's top is made of ultra-thin tempered glass, and the back is printed with a vivid pattern which allows light to pass through.
Coaster Dimension

3.54x 3.54x 0.65 inches

This image is for demonstration purpose only. Not for sale.

Coastetr custom size

Box Dimension

4.33x4.33x2.17 inches

Box size inch

The coaster: 3.40 ounces

The coaster with box and accessories included: 8.0 ounces
LED Indicator
LED colors: blue and green
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, capacity:800 mAh; Output Vol.:3.7V
Charging Time
4 hrs.
Working Time
1.5 hours in one charge under smoke & lighting mode
Standby Time
60 days
1). Refill oil-5 bottles.

2).USB charging cable-1 Pcs

3). A square cleaning towel


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