Fire Wand – Almighty Version, Combo Set

-besides Almighty wand, it comes with a flash paper holder, 2 packs of flash paper, and 2 boxes of smoke refill
-a complete solution for shooting fireballs and emitting colorful smoke
-buy to get a 20% discount and free shipping.



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The Harry Potter Fire Wand – Almighty Combo Set

The flash paper packs and smoke refills, along with the artifact holder, guarantee more enjoyment with fireball shooting and smoke puffing. Avail 20% off and free shipping. Enjoy 20% off on additional purchases.

Enjoy More Fun with Fireball Shooting and Smoke Puffing!

The Almighty Combo Set offers an unparalleled fireball shooting and smoke-puffing experience. With two 48-sheet flash paper packs and two 5-cartridge refill boxes, the combo set provides 96 fireball shots and 2,000 smoke puffs, each lasting 3 seconds. The set also includes a flash paper holder that can hold up to 48 sheets of flash paper, enhancing portability for an even better experience.

Get a 20% Discount and free shipping

If the items mentioned above are bought separately, the total amount is $200.94 (+ extra int’l freight cost: $15~$45). Buy the Harry Potter Fire Wand – Almighty Combo Set now for a 20% discount on the added items ($15.79 saved) and free shipping ($15~45 saved). You save more than $60.

The Math on The Almighty Combo Set

If you buy the Almighty Combo Set  (1), (2), (3), (4) separately.

(1). Fire Wand (Almighty version) x 1 unit=$149.99=$129.99
(2). Flash paper holder x 1 pcs=$12.99
(3). Flash paper pack x 2 packs=$12.99×2=25.98
(4). Smoke cartridge x 2 boxes=$15.99×2=$31.98
Total cost =$200.94 (+ extra int’l freight cost: $15~$45)

If you buy the Fire Wand- Almighty Combo, you can get (1).=$99.99 + (2). x 80% + (3). x 80% + (4). x 80% altogether. The best offer is $186.75, and it’s free shipping.

Get 20% Off on Additional Smoke Refills and Flash Paper Packs

Need more smoke refills or flash paper packs? Buy them here and enjoy a 20% discount with no minimum order quantity.

Flash Paper Challenges & Foolproof Solutions by Harry Potter Fire Wand

Eliminate the hassle of loading large flash paper for fireball shooting. Our Harry Potter Fire Wand – Almighty Combo Set offers a convenient flash paper pack that comes fixed in size, stacked, and vacuum-packed for easy transport and quick use. Enjoy foolproof results with our exclusive plugger.

The Challenges with Large Flash Paper for Fireball Shooting

When working with large flash paper for fireball shooting, it can be difficult to manage the loading size and amount due to the small loading piece being torn freely from the paper. This can reduce the success rate of shooting fireballs. While cutting the large flash paper into smaller pieces can help fix the loading size and amount, it can be challenging to store and pull out the small pieces during the fireball shooting process.

Harry Potter Fire Wand - large paper issues

Harry Potter Fire Wand - flash paper cutting issues

Effortless Flash Paper Pack and Exclusive Plugger for Foolproof Results

Say goodbye to the hassle of cutting or tearing flash paper to size with our convenient flash paper pack. Our Harry Potter Fire Wand – Almighty Combo Set comes fixed in size, inter-leaved stacked, and vacuum-packed for easy transport and quick access. The pack also includes an exclusive plugger collocation that ensures every load is correctly placed, guaranteeing a 100% success rate and long-distance shooting for every shot.

Order Info

What you will get

When ordering Fire Wand – Almighty Combo , besides #1~#12 which are available in Fire Wand-Almighty version, you will get 3 more items (#13~#15):

-2 boxes of smoke refills (5 pcs/box). The wand can blow smoke more than 2000 times.
-2 packs of flash paper (48 pcs/pack). The wand can shoot 96 more fireballs.
-1 flash paper holder. You can keep flash paper in the holder for quick use. Easy to carry, and easy to pull flash paper out.
-Promotion sale!! Enjoy 33% off with free shipping.

Almighty Combo Content List

FYI: Almighty Combo already comes with 2 flash paper packs (in #14) and 2 smoke refill boxes (in #15).
If you need more of them, you can also add the q’ty on the order page.

Add-on offer:
-Buy more Smoke Refills or Flash Paper Packs, get 20% off.
-No MOQ requirements.
-Smoke refills and flash paper are consumable items. Buy more NOW to save your money and the shipping cost in future purchases.


Accessories : how to buy more quantity?
For the consumables like flash paper and smoke cartridges, when you’re running out of them, you can buy them by clicking the link.

Smoke refill cartridge (5 pcs/box)
Flash paper pack (48 pcs/pack)

For the flash paper holder, if you want to buy more, please click the link below.
Flash paper holder

For Flash paper pack + holder, buy 10(mixed quantity) , get 1 free. (*free gift: flash paper pack*1)

For Flash Paper Pack, buy 10, get 1 free.
(*free gift: flash paper pack*1)

Wholesale Instruction

1. Each carton contains 49 units of Fire Wand-Fireball Version. MOQ is 49 units. The more you buy, the more discount you can get.

2. If you are interested in being a wholesaler of this product, please send inquiry to us. We will quote you according to your buying quantity. For wholesalers approved by us, we will upgrade your account, and you can see the tier prices of each product.

3. Orders placed in wholesale quantities are eligible for free shipping.

4. Regional agents are welcome. If you are interested, please send inquiry to us.


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3 reviews for Fire Wand – Almighty Version, Combo Set

  1. Avatar of Ellen Reed

    Ellen Reed

    I love anything related to Harry Potter, so this is right up my alley.

  2. Avatar of Keith Erwin

    Keith Erwin

    I had a lot of fun with this wand at my friend’s party. It’s so cool that the wand also comes with smoke refills coz I really like the way it puff smokes.

  3. Avatar of Kasper Guan

    Kasper Guan

    The wand is easy to use and the smoke cartridge lasts a decent amount of time. It can also light up in different colors and shoot out colored smoke.

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