Auroshoot Thumb Light

– switch 6 colors of light freely with just one thumb light.
– easily choose a color, and then turn it on with just one click.
– experience the bright and vibrant lights and their stunning visual effects.
– summon the mimic flame to create mesmerizing fire magic performances anytime.
– 2 types available: single thumb-light pack, and double thumb-light pack.


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Multicolored Auroshoot Thumb Light

Do you remember the “Light From Anywhere” performance? Using just a thumb light, he creates a fascinating display of light, which is indeed impressive. Now, Evil Bunny is going to push the boundaries of the lighting show even further with our newly-released Auroshoot T/L.

Evil Bunny is proudly presenting the enchanting “Multi-colored” Auroshoot T/L to all enthusiasts of thumb light magic. With just one device, you can illuminate six various colors of light, which greatly elevate the possibilities of the magical effects. What’s even more impressive is you can instantly light up the desired color you’ve chosen with a simple click.

Unleash Your Magic Power on Light

For centuries, magicians have longed to manipulate light with their very hands. Now, with the Multicolored Auroshoot T/L, you will possess the extraordinary power to control light in ways which are never imaginable before.

The Artifact of Thumb Light Magic

Make light appear out of nowhere, make it disappear into thin air, transfer it seamlessly from one hand to the other, or even make it pass through solid objects! Light up various dazzling colors of light at will, illuminate a light bulb, pluck a light from the mobile phone or other objects, and make it visible wherever you want!


    • One tip, 6 light effects: white, blue, red, green, yellow, and a captivating mimic flame.
    • Effortlessly switch among the various colors, allowing for seamless transitions during your act.
    • Instantly activate the light in your desired color,  enabling you to create stunning displays.
    • Call out the mimic flame and perform finger light magic at any time.
    • No need to buy multiple solid color lights, as Auroshoot Thumb Light covers all the essential colors in one device.
    • 2 types are available: single thumb-tip pack, and double thumb-tip pack.
    • Tutorial videos and operation demonstrations are available online, ensuring an easy and comprehensive learning process.
    • Age suitability: The Auroshoot Thumb Light is suitable for individuals of all ages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Auroshoot stands out from typical thumb lights as it features 6-color lights in a single device. This means that one Auroshoot can replace 6 single-color thumb lights. With smart IC control, it offers flexible color changes without the need for multiple lights. No more hassle of carrying multiple single thumb lights.

Auroshoot Thumb Light
One Tip with 6 colors
Auroshoot is the best-selling brand of thumb lights for magicians. It’s a tip with 6 light colors. You can easily switch among various colors.

Auroshoot Thumb Light
Thumb Light Magic

With Auroshoot, you can perform mesmerizing magic tricks like throwing and catching multicolor light balls, passing light balls through your body, and even incorporating fire magic with additional props.

Auroshoot enables the enchanting magic of light throwing using its thumb light that can be toggled on and off. With 6 vibrant colors in one device, it effortlessly switches between them, making it a remarkable tool for light magic performances.


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4 reviews for Auroshoot Thumb Light

  1. Avatar of Wascar Lee

    Wascar Lee

    I had an absolute blast playing with this amazing trick! The thumb-tip gimmick combines built-in light that creates great visual effects for the audience.

  2. Avatar of Jamie


    The thumbs work as expected. I used them to play a prank on kids, and they were thoroughly entertained.

  3. Avatar of Ivan Louro

    Ivan Louro

    The quality is good. They are made of soft, flesh-colored rubber and fit on the thumb comfortably. Besides, they are providing a lot of color options for the light. I can perform various lighting tricks and illusions more easily.

  4. Avatar of Wesley Alves

    Wesley Alves

    These are fun. I tried it in the dark — make it vanish and reappear, pull the light from behind my ear, pass it from hand to hand, throw and catch it. Very happy with this product.

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