“Lumos” Harry Potter Light Up Wand

-change the light color by waving the wand.
-using the rotary switch to light up your desired color with just one click.
– get 6 vibrant light colors freely at your disposal.



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“Lumos” Harry Potter Light Up Wand

A Harry Potter wand that gives you the power to manipulate light and its colors.

Various colors at your fingertip. Magic unleashed!

Amazing! The Harry Potter Light Up Wand’s vibrant lights dance at your command. What a magic! Simply press the button to illuminate the white light, and you’re ready to set off on a journey to the magical realm! By waving the wand or pressing the button, you can transform the white light into a variety of dazzling colors such as blue, red, green, yellow, and more. Additionally, if you double press the button, the wand will showcase a stunning multicolored light display.

Choose the light color you prefer. Illuminate in a Flash!

Use the color selection switch on the Harry Potter Light Up Wand to choose your desired light color. Press the button, and your chosen color will light up instantly. Long press and release the button, and the light will go out shortly. Similar to casting the “LUMOS” spell as you please, you can summon or dissipate the light at your whim. The vibrant lights allow unlimited creativity.

Unlocking Magic with Mobile Light!

Moreover, you can also use the flashlight of your mobile phone to perform a magical “Lumos” light show! Wherever and whenever you are, magic is always by your side. Exploring the magical world has never been easier!

Lumos Harry Potter Light Up wand - throw light to mobile phone

Unite the wand and Auroshoot Thumb Light, Watch Your Magic Boost!

Hey! Come and take a look at our Harry Potter Light Up Wand – Classic Version. This is the beginning of a real magical adventure!

Light Ball Show

Using the Auroshoot Thumb Light with the Harry Potter Light Up Wand, you are going to start the magic. Never underestimate this small wonder on your fingertip; it can instantly enhance your glowing wand’s potential. Using them, you can throw and catch light balls of various colors — from white, blue, red, green, and yellow. Enjoy the freedom to play with these enchanting light balls freely as you desire!

Light Bulb Magic

Moreover, you can make ordinary light bulbs light up in various colors, or let the light balls cleverly move in and out of your hands, mouth, and ears to create a jaw-dropping magic show. This fantastic art of tossing and catching, along with the rapid color changes, will surely add to your magic show with a burst of vibrant hues and elevate its magical quotient!

😀 😀 😀
Note: Product excludes Auroshoot Thumb Light. Want it? Enjoy 26% off here.

The ultimate gift box: party entertainment at its best!

Encased within an exquisite and elegant gift box, our Harry Potter Light Up Wand exudes an air of nobility and mystery. Whether it’s a holiday or a party, it stands as an ideal gift option. It’s not just a magic wand; it’s a work of art with truly collectible value.

If you’re preparing for a party or a show, this light-up magic wand is definitely your secret weapon to earn admiration. So, why wait? Get one and shine like a star!


Frequently Asked Questions

No, but on the same web page, you can buy it and get a 26% discount when purchasing the Auroshoot-Single add-on.

No, the LUMOS Light Up Wand can only emit light. If you’re looking for a wand that shoots fire, you can check out the following links: Fireball Fire Wand for shooting fire and emitting light, Almighty Fire Wand for shooting fire, smoke and emitting light, and Harry Potter Fire Wand 2 for shooting fire and throwing/catching light balls.

The general Harry Potter light up wand has white light and limited brightness. However, the LUMOS Light Up Wand can light up in six different colors, and each color is ultra bright. You can even change the color just by waving the wand. The handle also has a color selection knob, allowing you to pre-select your desired color and light it up with just one click. Pairing the wand with the Auroshoot thumb light lets you perform the magic of flying through various colored light balls and access different colored lights.

The wand boasts a unique hand-painted dead wood texture on the handle and a walnut wood texture on the shaft, giving it the aesthetic of a classic collectible. Additionally, it can emit 6 different colors of light and dart/catch different colors of light balls, making it an excellent choice as a high-end toy or collectible item.

Absolutely! With its ability to emit light balls of various colors at your command, plus its stylish classical design featuring hand-painted dead wood texture on the handle and beautiful walnut wooden texture on the shaft, it’s perfect for enhancing your magical performances.

“Lumos” is the spell that lights up the Harry Potter wand, allowing wizards to illuminate their surroundings in the magical world.

Yes, at home, use an LED, battery, and switch for Harry Potter wands to magically light up!🪄✨ Or, you can Illuminate a myriad of vibrant colors at home by using the enchanting Evil Bunny Lumos Light Up wand.

Introducing the Lumos Light Up Wand! With its ultra-bright LED tip, activated by a hidden button, it’s an authentic Harry Potter light up wand. Pair it with the Auroshoot thumb light, and watch the LED colors transform into vibrant light balls—pure magic at your fingertips! ✨

Simply click the concealed button on the handle to activate the light. Waving the wand alters the color, and with a slide of the rotary switch, choose your preferred light hue.

If your wand doesn’t light up when you pick it up, your wand may need to be charged. In the wand, you’ll find a flashing red light to indicate the battery is at a low level. When your light-up wand is connected and fully charged, the indicator will turn to a green light.


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