Technical Information

Description Details
Harry Potter Fire Wand 2
Model No.
Wand Size

14.37x1.14x1.14 inches

Wand 2 size

Box Size

15.94x2.95x1.57 inches

Wand size


The wand:2.30 ounces

The Fire Wand 2 with box and accessorries: 10.93 ounces
Recommended Age
18 years and up
LED Indicator
5 colors: white, blue, red, green and yellow
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, capacity:200 mAh; Output Vol.:3.7V
Charging time
2 hrs.
Working time
300 times per charge for fireball shooting.

(What you will get)
  1. Fire Wand-Fireball Version-1 Pcs
  2. 6-colors light tube (installed in the wand tip)-1 Pcs
  3. Fireball barrel-1 Pcs
  4. Auroshoot Thumb Light -  1 Pcs
  5. Flash paper plugger-1 Pcs
  6. Tweezers-1 Pcs
  7. Barrel brush
  8. 2" x 3" Flash paper (24 PCS) -1 Pack
  9. Instruction card for wand-1 Pcs
  10. Instruction card for flash paper - 1Pcs
  11. USB charging cable-1 Pcs

    Fire Wand 2 18 1