Flash Paper

This is Magicians Flash Paper. With Flash Paper you can produce flames from your finger tips. Flash Paper ignites into a brilliant flame when touched by a lighter, match or any extreme heat source.


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  • Flash Paper can be used for dozens of effects, ideal for use with almost any flash gun, wand, or other device, or simply for igniting and producing a prop.
  • The size of flash paper is 20 x 25cm, which can be cut or torn into many smaller pieces. For Fire Wand, if you want to shoot a fireball, you need a piece of flash paper with a size of 2 x 3 inches. Each sheet can be cut into 12 pieces of small flash paper of this size.
  • Fo safety of transportation, we store them in glass jars. Each jar contains 45 sheets of 20 cm x 25 cm flash paper, so the minimum order quantity is 45 sheets. For Fire Wand, 45 sheets of flash paper can shoot 540 fireballs.
  • For bulk orders, there are two types : 45 sheets/jar and 200 sheets/jar. If you are interested, please send us an inquiry directly and we will quote the bulk price to you.

Warning:For use by professionals at their own risk. Buyer must be 18+.


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