Flash Paper Holder w/ Refill Packs

-one clip holder + multiple flash paper packs
-smart design for easy carry
-easy to use in shooting fireballs or generating flame


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to worldwide via international express
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  • When you want to shoot fireballs with Fire Wand, or you want to create a flame in performing magic, you will need the flash paper. However, cutting and folding the flash paper yourself is a real hassle. To avoid trouble and save your time, this product is definitely your best choice.
  • Each flash paper pack contains 48 pcs of 2”x3” flash papers. Load the pack into the holder and you’re ready to use it. The flash paper can be pulled out easily and the holder is easy to carry.
  • Buy one holder together with six (or more) flash paper packs and you’ll get free shipping. The more flash paper packs you buy, the cheaper the price. Please refer to the quantity price list below the price.
  • Steps to use this product:

1. Open the outer OPP bag of the flash paper pack.

2. Tear open the vacuum bag.

3. Take out the flash paper pack.

4. Let the first sheet pass through the slot in the holder.

5. Fold the holder to wrap the flash paper stack.

6. Insert the metal clip to fix the holder, and it’s ready to use.

  • Animation showing how to load flash paper pack into the holder


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