FAQ about Fire Wand – Almighty Version

Frequently Asked Questions

Experience the Harry Potter magic with Fire Wands! Shoot fireballs and emit colorful smoke like wizards. 4 versions available: Fireball, Almighty, Fireball Combo Set and Almighty Combo Set. All can shoot fireballs, while Almighty version and Almighty Combo Set can also emit smoke in 5 different colors.


Magic Harry Potter Wand shoots fire & emits smoke
Almighty Wand

Fire Wand-Fireball Combo Set Fire Wand-Almighty Combo Set

Fire Wand-Almighty version uses flash paper to create a fiery discharge. The flash paper creates a burst of fire when lit. Shooting distance and times per charge are determined by the fireball barrel size and battery capacity.

The Fire Wand-Almighty Version launches fireballs up to 13 ft. After extensive experimentation during Pyro Mini development, we learned the firing distance is influenced by the barrel material, size, and the heater coil design