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Evil Bunny: Taiwanese Magic Trick Company Manufacturing Wonders in Mainland China

Evil Bunny, a magic trick company, is a Taiwanese company with a factory located in mainland China. We specialize in the development and manufacturing of various magic trick products, all of which are created and produced in China. Our global marketing and sales operations are based in Taiwan.

From Accessories to Illusions: Evil Bunny’s Transformation into a Magic Trick Powerhouse

Evil Bunny serves as both our trademark and newly established company name. We have been actively involved in the magic trick industry for the past 13 years. Prior to that, we had a successful 14-year tenure (1996-2010) focused on the development and manufacturing of mobile phone accessories and portable digital devices. Our extensive experience in research and development as well as production serves as our core competence.

Unlocking the Wonders: Delve into Evil Bunny’s Mesmerizing Portfolio of Magic Tricks

Throughout the past 13 years, we have gained valuable expertise in the manufacturing and development of magic trick projects. By clicking the provided link, you can explore a selection of the magic items we have created via AudioTronic Tech, the company responsible for executing our magic projects. Although the displayed items represent only a fraction of our portfolio, we believe they will captivate you and provide a glimpse into the wondrous realm of magic. If you are considering embarking on your own magic trick, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are eager to engage in further discussions and assist you in any way we can.

Our Mission

Continuing Fond Memories of Toys

When we were children, we were all passionate about toys. It’s fascinating that in the world of toys, some adults still find tranquility and maintain a childlike spirit.

Our Promise: Developing Creative, Stress-Relieving, and Entertaining Toy Products

Evil Bunny’s commitment is to develop toy products that are creative, help relieve stress, and provide entertainment. While working on magic trick projects, we have been inspired by some fantastic ideas, and we have always wanted to create “toys” for adults. Therefore, alongside assisting magicians in fulfilling their dreams, we are also engaged in this endeavor (emphasizing that this business does not conflict with the ODM projects commissioned by our current magic clients). Our aim is to ensure that the cherished memories of toys continue to thrive.

Hence, Evil Bunny has dedicated itself to the development of products that embody the spirit of toys. These products are designed to be creative, stress-relieving, and highly entertaining gadget toys.

Our Team Members

Within our team, we have professionals who specialize in various aspects of the development and production of magic trick projects, stress-relieving novelties, and adult tech gadgets. These areas often require expertise in electronics, mechanism design, exterior design, as well as plastic and hardware molds. Allow us to introduce our key team members as below.

Magic Trick Deveoping Company

Bruce Liao


Magic Trick Deveoping Company

Sophia Yang


Magic Trick Deveoping Company

Josh Rao

Electronics Engineer

Magic Trick Deveoping Company

Bendy Ma

Mechanism Designer

Plastic Mold 1

Strong Lee

Engineer (Tooling)

Firmware 1

Josef Wei

Firmware Designer

Selena 1

Selena Sun

Sales Asistant

Production 1

David Qin

Production Manager

Sales Representive Janet Wu

Teresa Gao

Sales Representive

Sales representive Sarah Liao

Sarah Liao

Sales Representive

Sales representive Jenny Liu

Jannet Wu

Sales Representive

Sales manager Johnny Deng

Johnny Deng

Sales Manager

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What we are doing

Our business model, Inquiry about products, and ordering instruction.

Our Business

Our Business Model

Developing Unique Products with Patented Innovations

At Evil Bunny, every product we offer is a result of our own research, development, and manufacturing. Drawing inspiration from our extensive experience in creating magic trick products and collaborating with talented magicians, we strive to deliver innovative items. To protect our unique creations, we have obtained patents for each product. Click the following link to explore our collection of patent certificates.

Introducing Evil Bunny Brand and Online Platform

Our goal is to bring our creative ideas to life under the EV brand and showcase them to the world through our dedicated website, www.evilbunnytoys.com. We invite you to join us as a registered member, where you can experience our imaginative products firsthand as a consumer. This allows you to validate the quality of our offerings. Additionally, we offer wholesale options for those interested in becoming our regional agents.

Sales Regions and Wholesale Opportunities

We cater to various markets, primarily focusing on the United States, North America, Europe (especially Western Europe), and Japan. For your convenience, all wholesale prices displayed on our website include shipping costs.

Wholesale Registration and Ordering Process

If you’re interested in wholesale purchases, please click the provided link to complete the registration process and provide your basic information. Once verified, we will upgrade your membership to the wholesaler level. As a wholesaler, you will gain access to discounted pricing and be able to conveniently place your orders online.

Product Inquiries

On the Evil Bunny website, you will find an Inquiry tab below the product photos/videos on each product page. If you have any questions about a specific product, simply fill in the fields with your contact details and inquiry, then submit it. We will promptly respond to your inquiry. Alternatively, you can also contact us via email, telephone, or Skype through the Contact Us page.

Ordering Instruction

1. Retail

You can register as a member and make direct purchases in our online store. Most promotional products offer free shipping within the United States, while shipping fees for other regions range from $15 to $45.

Please note that since our products are shipped from China to worldwide destinations, some items with lower unit prices may have a minimum order quantity requirement (typically 3 or 5 units) to account for shipping costs. However, the majority of our products can be ordered individually.

2. Wholesale

For wholesale orders, our products are sold by carton. The minimum order quantity for wholesale is 1 carton, which contains approximately 45 to 50 units depending on the specific product. Once you become a wholesaler (after upgrading your membership), you will have access to discounted prices based on different carton quantities. The more cartons you order, the greater the discount you will receive.

Here is a brief overview of the discounts based on wholesale quantities:
1. Small batch: 45 to 350 units (20% off, available for online ordering)
2. Medium batch: 350 to 550 units (40% off, available for online ordering)
3. Large batch: more than 500 units (please send an inquiry or email us for a quotation)

If you are interested in wholesale our products, you can click this link to view the wholesale details.